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Seeking new members to apply for the AACA Accreditation Standing Panel in 2024.

The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) is starting the 2024 process to seek nominations for new members to join the Australian Accreditation Standing Panel. The Standing panel members are vital to the Accreditation procedure, and the AACA is grateful to all that put aside time to be involved. It is not an exhaustive list and depending on the number of Accreditation Review Panels scheduled for a given period it can be challenging to get the correct composition and the number of members who can commit.


Please forward this information to your staff members who would be suitable to join the panel.


Attached is the “Guidance: Operation of the Accreditation Standing Panel…”

The form for Nominees can be found in this link:

Artwork" "Cathedral" by Qing Yang, acrylic on canvas and white marker pen, 2023.  


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