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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

We are pleased to announce that an MOU between the Association of Consulting Architects Australia (ACAA) and the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia has been signed by ACAA President John Held and our President, Dr John Doyle.

The purpose of MOU is to promote cooperation, collaboration, effective communication, and reciprocal facilitation between both organisations in recognition that ACAA and the AASA operate within the architectural professional and educational landscape to enhance the role that quality architecture plays in our nation's communities and the built environment.

"This agreement is an exciting opportunity to connect architecture schools in the region more closely with the peak body representing architectural employers and businesses in Australia. It provides access to the ACAA's large collection of resources for teaching professional practice and sets up opportunities for future research and industry engagement. We look forward to working closely with the ACAA to advocate for the value of architectural education in Australasia," said Dr Doyle.

This MOU arrangement covers possible collaborative activities such as access to the ACAA's Time Cost Calculator Guide for university teaching and learning purposes, access to ACAA's library of content for educational purposes, and joint advocacy statements that impact the professions (such as the National Registration Framework which saw both our organisations collaborate on) commissioned research as appropriate, joint public communications and others that may be undertaken for the duration of this collaboration.

Under this MOU arrangement, both organisations will work together on projects and activities where:

  • The outcomes will be of benefit or value to both organisations and their members; and/or

  • The expertise of the other organisation will be of value in an advisory capacity; and/or

  • Greater value can be derived for our profession by the organisations' collaboration. Communication of collaboration opportunities will occur between the nominated representative of each organisation as agreed. Communication will include intended outcomes, duration, nature of involvement, and sensitivity required.


The AASA considers the profession, and the education sector would greatly benefit from such collaboration. We look forward to working with John Held and his team at the ACAA in the near future!

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