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Visualisation in Architecture and Beyond Webinar Series Poster_edited.jpg

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

We are excited to announce the first webinar series in AASA’s new webinar platform. The 3-part series, entitled ‘Visualisation in Architecture and Beyond’, delivered by the Visualisation Institute from the University of Technology Sydney, examines the power of Visualisation to amplify our ability to understand complexity, gain insight and create impact. Visualisation is applied in a wide range of disciplines from Design to Biology and Economics. It is used as a powerful tool to understand and communicate complex data between experts and non-experts. Although the role of visualisation in Architecture has been (and continues to be) a significant part of the field, there is much to learn from how other disciplines use visualisation in their work. The webinar gives new insights into the latest and most advanced visualisation techniques being applied within Architecture and beyond. 


The 3-part webinar series invites speakers from within and outside the field of Architecture to examine the role of visualisation across three domains: History, Technology and Practice. Keep an eye out for details of each webinar in the series on the AASA website.


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