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Lyndsay Swan, the Winner of the AASA Logo Student Design Competition

University of South Australia

The letter mark is clean-cut, precise and minimal, which allows for research, creativity and professionalism to stand out in relation to architecture and the design environment. The rotation of the A’s portrays different directions and pathways such as leadership and advocacy for architectural education. The horizontal logo version allows for the txt_quote_double_openStxt_quote_double_close to be emphasised, pinpointing the keyword txt_quote_double_openSchoolstxt_quote_double_close and expressing the association coming together as a community. The font is technical, intelligent, and on-trend, relative to the target audience of graduate and undergraduate students. The colour palette expresses neutral, balanced, soft grey hues, paired with a confident navy blue and an active apricot accent to excite and infuse energy. The application of the branding is paired back, classy, and easy to absorb which allows for effective viewer engagement.

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