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Wellbeing of Architects Survey #2 is now live!

We are excited to launch our follow-up survey on work-related wellbeing!

A quick link to start the survey is:

This survey is important because it will allow the research team to compare the results against the 2021 practitioner survey, to see if there are any changes in the past two years (you can read about the findings from the first survey here). This survey is for those who did the first survey, and for those doing it for the first time.

We would really appreciate your support in sharing this through your practices, organisations, and networks as widely as possible, so that we get a good number of responses.

Participation is entirely voluntary, anonymous, and confidential. Completing the survey will take around 15-20 minutes (it's a little shorter than last time).

Who is this survey for? The survey is for anyone who works in the Australian architecture profession broadly defined, including:

● Registered architects

● People with an architectural education who are not registered but are working in architectural practice

● People not formally educated in architecture working in support roles in architectural practice

● People with an architectural education working in aligned professions and fields

● People working in architectural practice who are also studying architecture (see note below)

● Architectural practitioners who are also teaching architecture (see note below)

● Possibly others! If you consider yourself to work in architecture in Australia, please proceed

What about students?

This survey is not intended for people who are mainly or solely studying architecture - because you will have your own, separate survey, coming soon!

However if you are both studying and working in architectural practice you can choose which survey you respond to (ie this practitioner survey or the following student survey) - we ask that you please complete only one.

What about academics?

If you are primarily working in architectural practice, but also teaching architecture in some capacity, we encourage you to complete the survey from your practitioner perspective.

Organiser: The Wellbeing of Architects: culture, identity + practice


The Wellbeing of Architects: culture, identity + practice is an interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers at RMIT and Monash University’s Department of Architecture and Department of Management.


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