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This is Modernism - What a Success!

The symposium was co-presented by the AASA Modernism Collaborative at the University of South Australia on Friday 16 February 2024, with more than 80 participants attended the event.

A big thanks to our organisers University of South Australia, and Unitec, Auckland for providing us with the venue and publication of the symposium papers.

Meeting the AASA Modernism Collaborative Committee Members (L to R): Dr Isabel Rousset (UTS), Dr Christoph Schnoor (Unitec), Dr Stuart King (University of Melbourne), Ms Ann Cleary (University of Canberra), Chair of the Committee, Professor Deborah Ascher Barnstone (University of Sydney), and Dr Julie Collins (University of South Australia).

Professor Philip Goad (University of Melbourne) presenting his paper, "Late Modern in the Landscape: House at Toolern Vale, c. 1972 by Paul Couch".

Ms Ann Cleary (University of Canberra) on "Churchill House, a Lesser-Known Work of Robin Boyd Within Canberra's Modernist Canvas".

Professor Deborah Ascher Barnstone (University of Sydney) presenting "Electric Modernity: Electricity House in St George, New South Wales".

A full house! "Place and the Intangible in the Making of Canberra: Enrico Taglietti's Cinema Center (1964-86)" presented by Dr Silvia Micheli (University of Queensland), Associate Professor Antony Moulis (University of Queensland) and Ms Virginia Rigney (Canberra Museum & Gallery).

A collection of essays featuring works by 17 scholars and historians is available:

FINAL AASA Booklet 2024-FULL
Download PDF • 6.75MB


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