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PARLOUR Activity Report “Parlour in Action: 2021” is out!

Parlour is celebrating its 10th year this week! In the last few years, Parlour achieved an enormous amount, including establishing several ongoing series – Deadly Djurumin, Parlour LAB, Light at the end of the Tunnel (to be resumed in mid-2022 under another name) and the Reading Room. The Parlour Salons (in person and online) also continue to be an integral part of its ongoing event program. The Parlour community is particularly notable for their high level of engagement.

Several other important initiatives are underway in 2022, including the Stepping Up (equity in practice) editorial and event series and the Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice update. Parlour continues to support and collaborate with other aligned organisations and make a big impact with the available resources.

A copy of the report is available here


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