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AASA participation in the 2022 ACSA Teachers Summit at Pratte Institute School of Architecture

Climate Literacy and Action in Architecture Education - Australasian Perspectives Project Report is a summary of the results of a survey conducted in 2021 across all architecture schools in Australia and New Zealand. The survey was undertaken as part of a broader project that aimed to understand curricula and engagement with climate change in architecture education. Additionally, the project sought to examine current knowledge, values, and beliefs about climate change among staff and students in architecture schools. The project was funded and supported by the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia (AASA) and the Australian Institute of Architects

You can access the report here

The report was prepared by Dr Liz Brogden, University of Queensland and assisted by the AASA Climate Action Group - Professor Chris Knapp, Bond University; Associate Professor Philip Oldfield, UNSW; Associate Professor Dagmar Reinhardt, University of Sydney; Professor Naomi Stead, Monash University and Dr Naima Iftikhar, Queensland University of Technology and Ms Charlotte Kessler, Queensland University of Technology.

Further reading Climate Literacy and Action in Architectural Education can be found here.


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