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AASA participation in the 2022 ACSA Teachers Summit at Pratte Institute School of Architecture.

The Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia is delighted to report that Dr Liz Brogden, a representative of the AASA Climate Action Committee, attended the ACSA Teachers Summit: Summit for Climate Agency on 7-8 July 2022, at Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Brooklyn, New York.

The Pratt Institute School of Architecture hosted the two-day event as a follow-up to the 2021 ACSA/EAAE Teacher's Conference Curriculum for Climate Agency. The event was grounded on the premise that climate change requires architects to engage with the natural sciences. A series of roundtable discussions and workshops broadly responded to the provocation of how architects might bring field research and design together through education. As such, experimental architectural approaches, including ideas of observation, hypothesis, testing, and analysis, were foregrounded throughout the conference and in the final exhibition event Experimental Landings.

A report prepared by Dr Brogden summarises observations and learnings from the 2022 ACSA Teachers Summit, which focused on how climate agency is fostered in architecture education by "teaching the design experiment".

A copy of the report can be viewed here.

Author: Dr Liz Brogden

AASA Climate Action Committee Members: Associate Professor Philip Oldfield (UNSW), Professor Naomi Stead (RMIT University), Professor Chris Knapp (Bond university) and Associate Professor Dagmar Reinhardt (University of Sydney).

Further information about Climate Literacy and Action in Architectural Education can be found here.


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