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Climate Literacy and Action in Architectural Education Survey - Seeking Your Participation Now!

Thursday, 30 September 2021

In 2019 a group of UK recipients of the Stirling Prize launched the Architects Declare with a commitment to addressing the climate and biodiversity emergency.  The link to the declaration can be found here. In response to this global movement, the Climate Action Working Group was established in late 2019 led by Professor Chris Knapp (Bond University), Associate Professor Philip Oldfield (UNSW Sydney), Professor Naomi Stead (Monash University) and Associate Professor Dagmar Reinhardt (University of Sydney) with an aim to prepare students and architects for climate change challenges.  A preliminary study on climate action in architectural education was conducted at this time.  In early 2021, the AASA commissioned Dr Liz Brogden and Dr Naima Iftikhar from QUT to conduct a pilot study exploring three major areas relating to climate action. They were: (1) Values and Beliefs; (2) University activity; and (3) What is Needed?   This pilot study was completed in mid-2021.

An overview of this initiative can be viewed here.

Following the completion of the study, Dr Liz Brogden and Dr Naima Iftikhar are currently working on Stage Two of the Project, Climate Literacy and Action in Architectural Education Survey.  The survey can be found here.

The AASA strongly encourage members/academics/students/practitioners to undertake the survey.  The closing date is 12 October 2021.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact: 

Dr Liz Brogden, Queensland University of Technology 
+61 7 3138 8163


// on behalf of the research team
Professor Chris Knapp, Bond University
Associate Professor Philip Oldfield, UNSW
Associate Professor Dagmar Reinhardt, University of Sydney
Professor Naomi Stead, Monash University
Dr Naima Iftikhar, Queensland University of Technology